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Rules In Dubai

Do’s and Dont`s of Dubai.

One thing you will certainly notice in Dubai is how relaxed and tolerant a city it is. The local population will no doubt be very forgiving should you happen to make any mistake, but one still must be aware of the laws and social customs. It's very important to remember that Dubai is first and foremost a Muslim country and a result has a traditionally more conservative culture compared to Western cities. As a result of this there are certain issues that you need to be aware of.

Dressing for the occasion. When on the beach and at Dubai's water-parks for example, swimwear can be considered appropriate and therefore will not a problem. Nevertheless away from the beach and other such environments, dressing in such a way can cause offense to the many Muslims in Dubai, as can other attire such as mini skirts and any other overtly revealing clothing. It is also worth noting that it is also not appropriate for men to go around without a top on away from the beach. So when going to shopping malls, and when out in other public areas, you should take note of the potential to cause offence and perhaps dress in a more conservative manner.
Things are done differently here when it comes most administration type tasks. Relax and be prepared to be patient. There is no getting away from it, most administrative procedures will perhaps take a while longer to be completed that you are used to. Here in the UAE to get anything of note to be validated often requires a good deal of paperwork to go along with it. Just relax and prepare to give yourself a decent amount of time to get everything completed.
Try to avoid taking photographs of building that look to be of political and military importance. And be sure not to take any photographs of any local residents without first seeking their permission. As one would expect from its reputation, Dubai residents have a very accommodating attitude towards visitors, but asking permission before taking someone photo is just common courtesy, and is especially important in Dubai. 
As is the case in any country, don’t swear, shout loudly or gesture in a rude manner. This should apply wherever you are, but in Dubai is will be viewed in a more serious manner still.
Kissing in public is also not a good idea. Whilst a quick kiss on the cheap is certainly no problem, longer and more passionate displays should be kept in private.  
Drink driving. This is pretty much common sense in any place but still happens. Dubai has a no tolerance policy in regards to this issue, and if you do go ahead and are caught, you can expect anything from one month in prison, to deportation. With Dubai taxis being both plentiful and cheap you can easily avoid such a situation ever happening.
Ramadan. Ever year sees the holy month of Ramadan. Make very sure that you don’t eat, drink, chew gum, or even smoke in public between sunset and sunrise, as it is not only highly disrespectful but is also illegal. Delivery services options are all still available if you wish to order food, and many hotel restaurants will stay open.

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